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Sabina Schuster

Sabina Schuster

Director of Operations
T: 929.310.2231

Sabina Kuzenbayeva Schuster was born and raised in Kazakhstan.
She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the Kazakh American University and received a masters degree in Film and Television Production from The New York Film Academy.

Sabina is the former CEO of Chaplin Cinemas, the second largest cinema chain in Kazakhstan. Under her leadership, Sabina facilitated the companies growth and development and would later help facilitate the sale of a majority stake of the company to ADM Capital funds, a group that includes the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and Kazyna Capital Management.

Sabina would return to New York in 2018. Her love of the city and a relationship with her now husband would make this return the beginning of the next chapter in life.

With a deep knowledge of business operations, media and a passion for New York it was a natural fit for Sabina to join her husbands thriving business.

Sabina and Austin have two wonderful children and two dogs.

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